Your customers will love your custom paper bags. Brands have the option to choose from several Custom Shopping Bags such as Custom Paper Bags or Custom Tote Bags. These bags can be customized according to their budget and purpose. Custom Bags increase brand recall and public visibility and add comfort to your customers when they are carrying your products. These are the top factors to keep in mind when ordering Custom Paper Bags.

  1. Scope

When you order Custom Shopping Bags, take the time to review and describe your brand’s shopping habits. This includes factors such as how many products your customers purchase and how often they carry them.

  1. Size

Size dimensions include the length, width, and height of the bag. These are determined based on factors such as how many items your customers carry and what size is the largest.

  1. Strength

You can choose from a range of Paper Gauge (GSM), options ranging from 80GSM to 400GSM. These are the core strength measures of any custom-made paper bag. Stronger bags will have a higher GSM.

  1. Handle Type

There are many options for handles on custom paper bags, including Twisted (Paper), Ropes, Ribbons, Ropes, Ropes, Ropes, Die-cut or No handle. Consider factors such as how easy it is for customers to carry your products, the weight carrying capacity, brand perception and theme.

  1. Color & Graphics

The most popular colours for custom paper bags are Kraft and White. You can choose from one of the following colours: Paper Bag Color, 1/2/4 or more Color Printing. This will be in keeping with your branding and identity.

  1. Design & Plates

The approval process for custom printed paper bags includes a digital mockup, samples, revisions, and then a production run. Your Custom Paper Bags design should be sustainable. It may not require changes very often which will help your brand.

  1. Durability

You have many options to increase the durability of your custom paper bags, including Double Wall Paper Bags and Bottom boards. You can order samples to test the Custom Paper Bags under various conditions.

  1. Quantity

You can order bulk quantities of custom printed paper bags. You can choose the quantity that you need based on how many customers/sales your company serves, the volume of bags you sell, the cost benefits of ordering bulk vs. smaller quantities, and, most importantly, the storage space for the extra paper bags.

  1. Storage & Distribution

When ordering Custom Paper Bags, it is important to make sure you have enough storage for your short-term needs as well as excess inventory. This will allow you to order custom paper bags at a time when production is not necessary.

  1. Cost

The above factors, including the size, paper type, quantity, colour and graphics, are crucial in calculating your Landed Cost for custom printed paper bags. It is also important to consider how much you are willing to spend on product packaging to affect your revenue. You should choose an option that is affordable and feasible, which will complement your branding and identity.

  1. Sustainability

We must protect our natural resources, as there is a growing demand for Custom Paper Bags and decreasing popularity of single-use plastic. Choose a supplier who uses sustainably sourced raw materials like FSC Certified paper & 90% or 100% post-consumer content to ensure that your customers shop responsibly and add sustainability to your brand.

  1. Recycling/Compostable

All paper is recyclable and/or compostable. However, it is a good idea for you to check with your suppliers to make sure that you are choosing options that are safe for the environment and in line with sustainable practices.