CCTV cameras have continued to improve and evolve with advancing technology and growing user demand and they are also becoming more and more affordable. There was a time when CCTV cameras were extremely expensive and had limited function, such as only capturing images. Things have changed significantly and now CCTV camera audio recordings are also possible. These can be used anywhere in homes, outside of your property and even at the workplace for ensuring safety.

There is no doubt that in-built audio recordings in CCTV cameras can give you peace of mind and security at a very low price, but is it legal to record audio on CCTV in the UK? This is a question you need to ask because privacy invasion is a crime, which means that you could be breaking the law. This is not something you want to do.

Generally, audio recordings via CCTVs is considered illegal in the UK at the workplace, unless there is a reason for doing so. There are some scenarios where recording audio via CCTVs is permitted, but even in these situations, there are rules applicable. These involve informing the workers that they are being recorded. In addition, they also need to be informed about the purpose of the recording, whether it is for training, security, marketing, or any other reason.

Lastly, it is also necessary to obtain consent before audio is recorded, or else the business could get into trouble. The rules are a bit different where private property is concerned. When it comes to homes, people can install CCTV cameras with audio recordings for security purposes, but it is best to make people aware that they are being recorded when they enter your property. Secretly recording someone could be considered a crime, depending on where it is done and the reasons behind it.